Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SSCXEC Video edit from Bombtrack

As promised the video edit from the material we shot in Mons-en-Pévèle. Nice work from Bombtrack and congratulations to Marten Lucien!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

SSCXEC 2015 Mons-en-Pévèle

This years annually Singlespeed Cyclocross European Championship was held in Mons-en-Pévèle, in the North of France. Manuel from Bombtrack managed to put a little team together, including Stefan Vis to represent the Bombtrack Arise. Unfortunately I couldn't race due to a cold so it was all up to Stefan and Fabian who did very good. Stefan got second in his qualification heat and third in the finals. Manuel and me concentrated to get some material for a videoclip and to take some pictures. As always you can find the full set of pictures at our Flickr page, and watch out for the upcoming video edit from Bombtrack. Huge thanks to all the involved organisers who made this event happened and the restaurant crew from Chez Flavien.

Manuel and Fish talking about the race

Final instructions

Fish and Fabian talking about the qualification heat they are in together

Riding fixed gear

One of the few carrying passages

Fabian on his Bombtrack Arise at the highest point during the race

Going down

The racers had to cross a pile of cowshit

Downhill passages

Fish is focused

Fabian racing

Steep downhill

Last downhill before the finish line

Going up high

Fish clearing some obstacles on his Bombtrack Arise

Getting some speed after an obstacle

Clearing one of the obstacles

The only fixed gear rider did exceptionell well

Fabian clearing some cowshit while sitting on his Bombtrack Arise

Friday, February 27, 2015

Phil Wood webstore

The Phil Wood webstore is back up. Not all their products are available yet as it still gets filled. By the way, we are placing a Phil Wood order at the end of next week. We can offer you the webstore prices without shipping costs and customs trouble. 

Fixed gear track hub from Phil Wood with option for freewheel

Red Bull minidrome in Utrecht

Always wanted to try out the Red Bull minidrome? Now you have another opportunity. At the 28th of March the minidrome will be in Utrecht. Besides the minidrome you can also visit the wonderlijk CycleWorks shop or the Utrecht Fietskoeriers. If you want, you can join us into a group ride to Utrecht, just write a comment below.

Picture shows the Red Bull minidrome during the ECMC 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland
The picture was stolen from Fixedsh#tUp. It shows the minidorme in Edinburgh during the ECMC 2012, where I was to busy drying my gear to take any pictures.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cologne carnival and cross ride

Over a week ago we used the good weather to get away from the Cologne carnival turmoil. On our way we managed to hit only four carnival parades who caused some breaks and provided us with sweets and cakes. A nice mixed group containing a fixed gear bike, a cyclocross bike, a vintage road bike, an aluminium and a carbon road bike made for a relaxed ride.

Micha is enjoying the sun on his vintage Raleigh road bike

Having a break caused by a small carnival parade

Fully equipped vintage Raleigh road bike

Three different types of bikes, singlespeed cyclocrosser and race bike

Riding around Cologne airport

Riding into the sun

Trying to avoid the crowds during Cologne carnival

This Sunday we tried to ride a bit more gravel and  mud. Good weather with a fair amount of sunshine gave us a taste of spring. This time I took the Bombtrack Arise cyclocrosser which I will use for the SSCXEC in March.

Cyclocrossbike in Cologne Königsforst

Having a hard time following the cyclocross bikes with his road bike

Cyclocross ride downhill in the sun

Tearing it up on a cyclocross bike

Relaxed early spring cross ride

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mircos workhorse: Viner roadbike

Like most courier bikes this bike has gone through some updates in the last two years. But lets start at the beginning with its first incarnation as a classic road bike with some modern twists. It is always hard to find really tall bike frames and for Mirco another two centimeters of frame height wouldn't be wrong, but when you are his size you have to take what you get. The frame came with classic Mafac centerpull brakes, which work fine if they are properly tuned and fitted with modern brake pads. A modern Mavic wheelset with cross tires, Shimano STIs and Lizzard Skin bartape complete the bike. Building a bike like this and combining old and new parts while maintaining functionality and a classic look is one of our favourite tasks in the shop

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build, Rolls saddle

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build, life is too short

Viner vintage roadbike build

Viner vintage roadbike build

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why taking the elevator..

...when you can take the stairs. That's what our good friend Fish did when he entered the Transalp with the Bombtrack Hook cyclocross bike and raced 1200 mountain bike riders without even knowing if he or his bike would make it at all.